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How To
  1. Matches are case insensitive but otherwise exact: daguerreotype is the same as Daguerreotype.
  2. AND — find the terms in the same issue: daguerreotype AND autochrome
  3. OR — find at least one of the terms in an issue: daguerreotype OR autochrome
  4. NOT — exclude issues with the following term: daguerreotype NOT autochrome. There must be another term before NOT.
  5. NEAR(x y ... z, N) — find the terms x, y, ... z within N words of each other: NEAR(daguerreotype autochrome, 10)
  6. Adding titles to last names will also search for "Title Last Name" in addition the full name, the equivalent of:
    "Gertrude Kasebier" OR "Mrs. Kasebier" OR "Madame Kasebier" OR "Mme. Kasebier"
    It does not work with queries containing NOT or NEAR. Also, check or uncheck it BEFORE you do "Find"
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