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A couple years ago we went to a restaurant called The Blue Moose Cafe in Port Townsend, Washington. It is a fun name, and it gave me the idea of writing a tool that would automatically generate names, using specific books as the sources of "inspiration." For example, using the two Alice in Wonderland books by Lewis Carroll, we get the suggestions of "the Fourth Fish", "the white biscuit", "the wild cakes", etc., which you could imagine as eating establishments.

Of course, we're not limited to food places, nor are we limited to adjective-noun combinations. Maybe you would be intrigued by The Case of "the Buttercup Witness" or "The Cat's Toothache" Mystery, both suggestions from those same books.

Try out the tool below. Choose a sample text, or select a plain text file (all processing is done in the browser, nothing is uploaded). Then choose the type of phrase you want to create, and how many random(!) phrases to create. Click on "Make phrases" to see the phrases, and click it again to get more. You can download the results by clicking on the link "Download results".

As Lewis Carroll could have said in one of those Alice books, enjoy "the fun"! Or if you prefer the hypothetical Thomas Hardy, enjoy "the fun"!

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