S + 7 in 1

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This is my takeoff of the Oulipo experiment in automatic writing called S + 7. In the original, every noun (=substantive) in a text is replaced by the 7th following noun in some dictionary. In my version, the text itself is used: every noun is replaced by the 7th following noun in the text. Here you can also change the the distance (for example, using the 11th following noun) and you can use the preceding noun (for example, using the 3rd preceding noun). I've also provided a small list for words to use as a dictionary if you want to try the original version.

You can play with the short sample texts I've provided, or you can use your own (plain) text file. Personally, I find a little bit goes a long way, so you might want to use short texts.

Have fun!

I used these javascript libraries:


Sample text: OR Text file

Substitute word the given noun in the

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