Caroline Crane Marsh Diaries

Chris Culy


On this site you can read and search the diaries of Caroline Crane Marsh, the American ambassadress in Italy, for the period 1861-1865.

Carolyn Crane Marsh

Carolyn Crane Marsh (1816-1901) was a writer, poet, translator, editor, and with her husband George Perkins Marsh, an early environmentalist. She was also a diarist over many years. The diaries here are from June 1861 to February 1865, the beginning her long role as ambassadress (wife of the American ambassador) in the new Kingdom of Italy. This was an important time in the histories of both the United States and Italy, and her diaries mention many events and personalities of the time. She also writes about her personal life and comments on various aspects of life and culture in Italy. Looking at some of the people she mentions most often suggests the breadth of the domains of her discussions:

See my blog for more about the diaries, including (upcoming) tidbits about some of these people and more.


The Silver Special Collections Library, University of Vermont has more information about Caroline Crane Marsh, and has generously made available the original letters and transcripts of them, on which this version is based.